Saturday, June 7, 2008

USS Midway, San Diego, CA

(obviously I did not take this picture but
it is public domain copied from the Internet)

San Diego is a incredibly beautiful for such a large city. Lots of flowers and flowering shrubs line the highways. San Diego is known for it's mild climate. Sunny almost everyday with highs normally 70-80. However, the day that we arrived it was 60 and raining. Yes, rain in San Diego. It was short lived however and on we went with being tourists.

Monte lived off and on, most on, in San Diego from 1959-1984 and Shelley lived here 1978-80. And no, we did not know each other at the time.

Our last visit here was in 1998 and besides coming back to just visit, one of the big draws for us was to tour the USS Midway, CVA-41. This is an outstanding museum and not to be missed if you visit this area.

The Midway was the first carrier to be commissioned after the end of WWII, in September 1945. She continued in service until her decommissioning in April 1992. No other U.S. Carrier served as long as the Midway. She has been opened as a museum in San Diego since June 2004.
The USS Midway set new standards of naval aviation in the latter half of the 20th century. A captured German V-2 rocket was launched off the USS Midway in 1947—the dawn of naval missile warfare. The USS Midway blazed new trails of sub-Arctic air operations off the coast of Greenland. It was the first carrier homeported in a foreign country, calling Yokosuka, Japan home for 18 years. Although she was never deployed to Korea during the Korean War, she was a major combatant during Vietnam and Desert Storm.

The Midway today is on her final mission as an interactive museum, tribute and education center.

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