Monday, June 9, 2008

San Joaquin Valley

We left San Diego on Sunday. This was a well thought out day - to avoid traffic while driving through Los Angeles. The plan worked well as traffic was light - well, light for LA. It is one huge city from San Diego until north of LA. After leaving LA and traversing the Grape Vine and Tejon Pass, we came into the San Joaquin Valley.

I think that everyone has heard of the San Joaquin Valley and knows that it is a huge agricultural area sometimes called “the nation's salad bowl.” Huge is an understatement. Miles and miles and miles of groves. Groves of cherry, olive, avocado, pistachio, almond and citrus trees. Fields of alfalfa, wheat, beans (soy we think), and who knows what else. And let's not forget the vineyards. These grapes are grown mostly for raisins.

There needs to be a law that every farmer must put signs by their fields that can be read from the road, stating what is being grown.

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