Sunday, June 22, 2008

Red Canyon State Park, UT

If you come into Bryce Canyon from the west, or leave Bryce and go to the west, you will pass through a treat that is unheard of by most people – Red Canyon State Park.

The first time we were here we had never heard of Red Canyon and therefore did not expect it. Out of seemingly nowhere, these huge red walls and hoodoos rise. And they are, in my estimation, about as red as you can find rock to be. It is a very short stretch of road that passes through Red Canyon and although we were not surprised by it as we were last time, we found that Red Canyon is just as spectacular if you know what is coming.

As with all the red rocks around here, the correct time of day to see the colors is of utmost importance. Trying to keep the sun at your back does not always work so we do a lot of stopping and looking back. Best times to view colors are either early morning or sunset. Mid-day sun pretty much washes out much of the color of the rocks.

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