Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Canyonlands National Park

Just nine miles west of Arches National Park is Canyonlands National Park (is there any area in Utah that is not a national park?)

One section of Canyonlands is Island in the Sky which is a broad wedge shaped mesa located between the Green River and the Colorado River. The rivers are about 2,000 feet below the canyon rim and not visible from most vantage points.

The views are awe inspiring but, do not translate well into pictures. You look across canyon after canyon and it is said that the horizon you can see is 100 miles distant. It is a pretty long drive through the park and honestly large parts of the drive were pretty boring. You are on top of a mesa and the canyon rim is so far away that you cannot see anything other than the flat grassland around you. Just when you think – “why am I bothering with this” you come upon a view that is so spectacular it makes you gasp. The drive is well worth the time and gas.

The only section of this National Park that we did is called Island In The Sky. The other sections, Needles, The Maze, and The Rivers are reached by other, more remote roads and we were about red rocked out by now.
So, Utah – thanks for the memories – until next time.

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