Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sleeping Ute Mountain

We are camped in the shadow of Sleeping Ute Mountain on Ute Tribal land just south of Cortez, Colorado.

The fact that the campground is adjacent to the Ute Mountain Casino has nothing to do with our choice of campgrounds! Honest! We are strictly here for the cultural and historical aspects of the area. After all - this is The Land of the Ancients.

Sleeping Ute Mountain resembles a sleeping Indian with his headdress to the north and his arms folded across his chest. The legend is this was a Great Warrior God who helped fight against evil ones, and during the battle his feet formed the mountains and valleys. The Great Warrior God was wounded and while resting he fell into a deep sleep. He continues to care for his people. Blood from his wound became living water and rain clouds come from his pockets. The changing of his blankets bring the seasons: dark green, yellow and red, and white.

An added cultural event that we were honored to witness at the campground was an extreme motorcycle show. You just can't get much more highbrow cultural than this!

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