Saturday, June 7, 2008

San Diego Bay Tour

Friday was the type of day that the San Diego Chamber of Commerce brags about. Bright sunshine, 72 degrees, light breeze. We took advantage of it by going on a 2 hour cruise around San Diego Harbor. Monte has seen this harbor incalculable times, usually from the deck of a Navy ship (on the rare occasion that he was allowed on deck.)

The tour boat did the whole San Diego Bay area, covering Harbor and Shelter Islands, Point Loma, Cabrillo National Monument, North Island Naval Air Station with 2 carriers in port, Point Loma Submarine Base, the Coronado Bridge, Naval Base San Diego with lots of ships in port and much more.
The first hour of the tour the tour boat was darn near empty. Then we went back to the pier and picked up people for the 2nd hour. We were packed tight with Japanese tourists. If you want to see the newest and greatest in cameras and cell phones, just hang around with Japanese tourists. They have all the gadgets. However, the attire of some of them is questionable.

One of the best sights we saw was a U.S. Navy frigate entering port and just off of her starboard side was a submarine also entering the harbor. If not for Monte's eagle eye we would have missed the sub. As far as we know, we were the only people on the boat to see the sub.
Something that we saw that Monte knew about but Shelley had never heard of were the bait barges. These are a whole bunch of barges that are filled with water and anchovies. Boats going out fishing stop here, load up with bait and are then on their way. The main attraction for Shelley were the sea lions that were lolly-gagging on top of the barges. There were also lots of pelicans, great blue herons, different types of gulls, and cormorants. I guess it is kind of like animals on welfare - lay around all day and get free meals.

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