Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Final Blog - (for now - not forever)

As I indicated at the end of the last blog – our travels for this summer are coming to an end as we are moving.

From our current house in Florida we are moving about 6 hours west – to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. Did I just really sat that? We are going to live in Mississippi? And in an area that was totally devastated by Katrina? In a word – yes. We found this really cute house on a canal that leads to the Jourdan River and on out to the Bay. We have a small dock and hope to get a pontoon boat for cruising and fishing. We are close to miles and miles of beaches, good fishing, casinos, and only a 1 hour drive to New Orleans. We can go to NO for dinner – or whatever!

The area is great. It is really coming back from Katrina – which was 7 years ago this coming August. When Katrina is mentioned most people think of New Orleans. I guess because it is more heavily populated and more people know about it – that is where all the news was reported from.

Bay St. Louis is where Katrina made landfall and this entire part of Mississippi from Ocean Springs to the east to the Pearl River on the west was wiped slick. If you go back and look at satellite pictures – there was nothing left here for miles and miles. Pretty much everything south of I-10 was gone. Just gone. There was a 27' storm surge and where we are buying the surge pushed up through the bay and came in from the north. A couple of miles to our south is a Kmart. Picture, in your mind, a Kmart sign on a pole and how high above the ground that sign would be. Now picture water at the bottom of that sign – that is how high the water was. We are betting that it won't happen again. And if it does – we will deal with it. Just as our friends in Oklahoma deal with tornadoes and massive hail storms or our friends in the Northeast deal with blizzards, or people who live close to the Mississippi River deal with massive flooding in some years.

So farewell for now dear friends. We have much work to do to get moved.

And once again – thanks for sharing our travels with us.


Maureen said...

I have really enjoyed your summer blogs Shelley! I wish you the best of luck in your move, it sounds like your moving to an area that is filled with good fun and fun. How about a "moving blog"? :)

Neverlost said...

Blog about packing boxes!

Shelley and Monte said...

Blog about packing boxes. I can think of NOTHING more exciting! And since you probably cannot handle that much excitement I think I'll skip it - only because I have your best interests in mind. However, if anything out of the ordinary happens I'll be sure to keep everyone informed.