Sunday, April 21, 2013

It Is That Time of Year Again! Come Travel With Us!

My favorite time of year. The weather is warm and dry, not hot and humid or cold and rainy, but just perfect. Perfect for loading up the husband and dogs in the RV and heading out for a few months.

So hang on to your hat or grab your reins – here we go - Road Trip 2013

Day one - we leave the house in a cold driving rain - after we stand in the cold rain to hook up the car - and load wet dogs and a cold wet husband in the RV and drive 400 miles in the cold rain (dry and warm in the RV - perfect) and stop at a hole in the wall RV park for the night.

Day Two - drive 250 miles and arrive at decent RV park, in Lugoff, South Carolina where it is in the mid 50's and will get down to 39 tonight and on the brighter side - the sun is shining.
Are we having fun yet?

Now we get to the purpose for being where we are. We are at the closest campground to Camden SC and the Springdale Racecourse where Kirkwood Stables is.  Not all places we go really have a “purpose” but this place does and that purpose is “Legalize”. No – we are not here to join some big protest or smoke out – we are here to see Monte's race horse.

Day Two evening. Dinner in Camden, SC hosted by West Point Thoroughbreds. Shannon Castagnola, an Executive VP from WPT and Kip Elser, owner and trainer at Kirkwood Stables put together a very nice evening for us. We got to meet about a dozen folks who, like us, are partners in one or more thoroughbred race horse that is managed by WPT. Some of these people have so many horses they have a hard time remembering all of their names (the horses names not their own). Us? We just have Legalize so our poor short memories have no problem in that regard - maybe because we don't live in Colorado or Washington State.

At dinner we spent most of our time talking to Peta's family. That is not PETA who probably are totally against horseracing but Peta, as in a girl who was supposed to be a boy named Peter. Anyway – Peta is part owner of several horses and she had her family entourage with her. Peta's mom Monica, and mom's sisters Ivy and Michelle and Michelle's husband Bill. What a great family. Monica, Ivy, and Michelle were raised in Brighton England (Ivy still lives in England) and I would like to have a couple of days to listen to their tales of living in England during WWII. Their stories were fascinating and they were just a lot of fun.
Leaving the restaurant it is freezing outside.  Did I mention how much I love this time of year? 

Tomorrow we get to see Legalize!

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Unknown said...

Oh how I love this time of year! I get to travel all over without ever leaving my office. I'm looking forward to each and every post! Have fun!