Wednesday, April 24, 2013

World of Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola is just a short stroll from CNN Center. The stroll is through Centennial Olympic Park which is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately it is also the site of a bombing that took the life of one person and injured 111 during the 1996 Olympic games.

In Centennial Olympic Park
Here we are on our next stop that makes us feel like traitors. Two diehard Pepsi aficionados in the World of Coca-Cola. Once again I asked for that military discount – showed our retired ID cards and got in FREE. Saved $32!  Dinner!
World of Not-Pepsi
The World of Coke displays classic ads and products, gives a rundown of the soda’s history and has rooms full of vintage Coca-Cola memorabilia.

Monte being carbonated
The tour starts with a cute 4D movie then moves on to the self-guided portion that includes a fake bottling line and an interactive walk-through that “makes you believe” that they are going to share the Coke recipe with you.  
The Vault - where the secret recipe is kept.  But then we were told that only
two people know the recipe so why the vault?
Eventually you finish in the tasting room. In this room you can sample Coke products from all over the world. The have all the drinks arranged by continent and you may sample to your heart's content – something like 60 flavors. I had read on the web, and my dear brother Tom recommended, that we try Beverly, an Italian soft drink. I tried it first – and it ruined the rest of the tasting for me. I'm serious. It’s really nasty. Actually, we found all of the Coke products from around the world to be nasty. I don't know if that is because we are Pepsi Fanatics or because people from other parts of the world have weird sense of taste or what.

Try it - You'll Like It!!
I was pretty happy when I found a place to get some water.

We did enjoy the tour through the World of Coca-Cola but would it have been worth the $32 if we had had to pay? No way for us. Maybe half that.

Time to go grab a Diet Pepsi – Now that is refreshing!


~Cheryl said...

Beverly. . . a cross between beverage and Italy? What a name.

Neverlost said...

Sucker! We got Marsha to try it and she spewed it all over the floor. it required a janitor to do clean up. the kids loved it.