Sunday, April 21, 2013


The day and time have arrived. We get to see Legalize. The last time we saw him was December 22 here at Kirkwood Stables.
West Point Thoroughbred Partners at Kirkwood Stables

Today was all about horses – a bunch of horses that West Point Thoroughbreds has in training. But the only one we care about is Legalize. For those of you that need a refresher – here is a little background.

Legalize is a thoroughbred race horse that I purchased a percentage of for Monte for Christmas. Last summer just as he was getting to run his first race as a 2 year old, Legalize had a nerve injury in one of his hoofs. At that time he was sent to Kirkwood Stables in Camden SC for veterinary care and then to be put back in training to get in race trim - like any athlete after a layoff, horses have to workout and get up to speed before they can go to the track to race and it takes time.
So that brings us to today.
Legalize was put back in training right at the first of this year, just as he turned 3 years old. It was hoped that he would be ready to go racing in about 90 days. However, that has not happened. Legalize has had several setbacks all related to his feet.

From what I understand he has thin hoof walls and that makes it difficult to keep shoes on him. When a horse has shoe and foot problems those problems are telegraphed through the legs and without sound hoofs and legs the horse is not going to perform.

We did get to see Legalize jog in the turf today and then got to spend a little more personal time with him. He is absolutely gorgeous – looks fit and healthy (to my untrained eyes). As he was jogging you could see that he really wanted to run.
LEGALIZE jogging by


Kip Elser, owner of and head trainer at Kirkwood Stables in Camden SC is doing everything he can to get Legalize fixed. He and his blacksmith are basically inventing and reinventing shoes for Legalize. As much as we want him to get to the track and race – they want that just as much. But what no one wants is for him to race and become totally lame.

Kip Elser explaining the new shoes that have been made just for LEGALIZE
We have no idea how much longer this whole process will take. It will just take as long as it takes. He may never get to the track. It is a totally wait and see process.

LEGALIZE and Monte just hangin' out being pals
We have our fingers crossed and maybe the next time we see him will be in the winners circle.

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