Friday, July 13, 2012

Oklahoma Days - Saying Goodbye to Dad

On Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 11:00 a.m., a service was held at All Souls' Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City to memorialize the life of my and my brother Tom's father - Pearl Eugene "Gene" Carpenter Jr.
High School Graduation

Dad passed away the morning of January 19, barely 2 days after his 86th birthday.

Dad at 85

Our mom's cremains were already interred in Oklahoma City and we thought it fitting that we bring dad back to his roots where he could rest with the love of his life (yes, that love was our mother!) The only negative to this was that dad had always said that he would NEVER move back to Oklahoma. Oh well - we don't always get what we want...

Father Bright at All Souls conducted a wonderful service and Tom's eulogy of Dad was a perfect summation of Dad's life.   These pictures are from after the service in the Chapel and just prior to the actual interment of dad's ashes.

 Tom hugging Dad for the last time

 A gathering of family and friends

Gene's immediate family
Tom, Marsha, James, Shelley, Monte
(Gene's granddaughter Kelly could not join us)

I would like to share a poem that Tom adapted especially for dad and read to end the eulogy.

Miss Me But Let Me Go

Although I build the roads
I have come to the end of mine
And the sun has set for me.
I want no tears in a gloom-filled room
Why cry for a soul set free?
Miss me a little-but not too long
And not with your head bowed low.
Remember the fun that we once shared
Miss me – but let me go
For this is a journey that we all must take
And each must go alone.
It's all a part of the Master's plan,
A step on the road to home.
When you are lonely and sick of heart
cherish each of us here, as the friends we know.
You are not here to bury me, but to let me go
I will see you down the road.

After the service we retired to cousin DeAnn's home for fellowship and food. 
 Shelley, M.A., Neil, Brooke

 Jerry Williams and daughter Linda Durbin

James and Tom with cousin David Merritt and wife Cheryl Merritt

We were very honored to have so many family members and friends join us for the celebration of dad's life. In addition to the local Oklahoma family and friends those that that traveled long distances were: Cousin Cheryl traveled from Bellevue, Washington and brought her granddaughter Michaela and stopped in Colorado to pick up her mother, dad's sister, Anna Lilac.   M.A. Hannifan, daughter Brooke and husband Neil drove from Plano, Texas. M.A is a life long friend of mom and dad's and Brooke was a childhood playmate. Cousin Peggy Gervais and her husband George came from northern New Mexico.

Dad wasn't one to stand on ceremony but he would have loved this one. No – he did love this one as I'm positive that he was there with us.


Lois said...

The poem is beautiful Shelley. Thanks for sharing.

NANCY said...

I absolutley love these blogs from Oklahoma. They have been beautiful and inspiring. The poem speaks from the heart. God Bless

NANCY said...
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Patti Jo said...

I'm enjoyig all of the blogs. This one was especially touching. Your dad seems to have been loved very much. God Bless <3