Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oklahoma City - Part 1 of several

As I started to write this blog I realized I had more to report than should be put in one blog so I will break this in to segments – several segments – over the next few days.

We have spent the past 2 weeks in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our stay in OKC each year (well almost every year) always has a purpose - spending time with family and friends and attending World Cup Softball.

Week One:

We did those things this time - ate great mexican food with Jerry Williams at Abuelo's and burgers at Irma's. Did I ever mention that OKC has fantastic burger joints? Just amazing burger joints. And casinos. Lots and lots of casinos. Every Native American Tribe must have at least half a dozen casinos each. Jerry went with us to a couple of them and amazingly we all came out winners. Jerry – don't squander that 14 cents all in one place!
                                 Jerry Williams - Shelley's mom's dearest buddy.
We, Shelley, Monte, Shelley's cousin Deann Parham and friend Becky Rickard, watched the USA women's fastpitch softball team demolish the teams from Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, and Australia on their way to winning the World Cup competition for the 7th straight time.
                               Game 1 of World Cup - the stands were pretty empty
                             The few Australian fans were wonderful - lots of fun!

                                                  Entrance to the stadium

                                  It was pink day - Monte did not get the memo

            Becky Rickard, Deann Parham, the place where Shelley should be and Monte.

While working on some genealogy stuff Shelley visited Fairlawn Cemetery in OKC to take pictures of the Rhodes Family Plot and discovered that her great-grandmother (her maternal grandfather's mother) is buried in an unmarked grave so she ordered a headstone to mark the final resting place of Fannie Anna Macomber Grey. She (Shelley) won't get to see it until our next visit to OKC as it takes a few weeks to be made and place. Shelley's maternal grandmother's maiden name was Rhodes. If Shelley remember's correctly, Ruth (Shelley's grandma) did not want her mother-in-law interred in the Rhodes plot but times and money being what they were – common sense prevailed and Fannie was buried there sans headstone.

                                          Fairlawn Cemetery Oklahoma City
 Shelley's Great-Grandfather Silas W. Rhodes
served at a courier for General R.E. Lee's physician Surgeon Lafayette Guild and
was at Appomattox Courthouse, Virgina on the day of the surrender.
Here is the final resting place of Franklin Rhodes.  If you have been a faithful student
of these blogs you will realize that he is Shelley's great-great uncle that she wrote about
who escaped from the Confederate prisoner of war camp at Rock Island, IL.

And one morning Shelley had an interesting conversation with our neighbors in the RV park as they were preparing to pull out: (most good conversations in RV parks are when you/they are setting up or leaving)

Shelley "I see you are from Virginia. I hope your home weathered the recent bad storms"
Lady Camper "From what our friends have told us, all is well at home. Where do you live?"
Shelley "Just south of Tallahassee Florida."
Lady "Oh - we used to live in Panama City Beach Florida. Well, not on the beach but back a little way.”
Shelley "We used to live in that area too but in Southport."
Lady "Oh my, that is where we lived but no one knows where Southport is"
Shelley -thinking to herself " yeah you lived back a little way - like 25 or more miles from the beach. But she bites her tongue (imagine that) and says "We lived on Holland Rd"
Lady - "We did too! You had to come in to Holland from Edwards"
Shelley - then explains exactly which house we lived in and it turns out that they lived on the other side of the street about 4 houses down but they moved away a couple of years before we moved in.
Never found out their names - we swapped a few stories (the road got paved when we lived there kind of stuff) and they got in their RV and hit the road. It is indeed a small world.

And with that - the first week ended.

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