Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oklahoma - The Last Day

If you go back several blogs you will see that I told you to remember that Aunt Anna Lilac was 88 at the start of the week.
On our last day in OK, July 9, we celebrated her 89th birthday. Her birthday is July 10 but on that day Monte and I were going to be on the road headed south and she was going to be on the road headed back to Colorado. 
Aunt Anna's day began when DeAnn took her to visit her life long friend, Betty Grace. Seriously, these two have been best friends since first grade. First Grade! And it was amazing that Betty Grace lives in OKC where Anna Lilac was visiting. They had last seen each other 5 years ago and had a very nice visit.

While DeAnn and Anna Lilac were out galavanting around, Cheryl and I were plowing through family stuff trying to get as much scanned and organized as we could. Well - we got lots scanned but it is not organized yet and I need to add lots of stuff to our tree but - all in good time.
Friday evening was spent celebrating Anna Lilac's birthday with great mexican food and ice cream cake and just relaxing and enjoying our last hours together. I am so very lucky to be a part of this family – you all are great.

This has been a jam-packed two weeks. Time to take a break! Or not!

Moving on south! Literally. More about that soon.

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