Monday, July 14, 2008

Golfing in Salida

Saturday morning, Shelley, DeAnn and her two sons, Merritt, age 18 and Carpenter, age 16 had a golf outing.

Tee time was at 7 am so we were all pretty bleary-eyed when when we arrived at the golf course.

First hole – par 5, about a mile long. We all hit lousy drives. Second and third shots were not so hot either, finally on Shelley's 5th shot (well really 6th because of a mulligan off of the tee) she hit her shot of a life time when she holed out from about 90 yards. WOOHOO!!

Obviously, the rest of the day was downhill from there but who cares?

We played 9 holes and spent most of the time running in and out of sprinklers. It was chilly, windy and with the sprinklers, wet. I guess that in Salida, CO the greens keepers don't know that watering of the fairways should maybe be over before play begins? If I remember correctly we had to deal with sprinklers on every hole. But who cares – Shelley holed out from 90 yards!! And then on the 8th hole, par 3, she had a par (with no mulligans)!

The other excitement was when DeAnn managed to land her ball in a spruce tree – and had to hit out of the tree – it was one of her better ball placements of the day. I think she would have had a good hit but had to hit left handed with right hand clubs – and in so doing almost wiped out her wrist.

In actuality, we did not keep score – thankfully – because I probably shot about 20 over par.

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