Monday, July 14, 2008

Aunt Anna Lilac's 85th Birthday and Family Reunion

Starting on Friday, July 11 we had a combined 85th birthday celebration for Anna Lilac (Shelley's Aunt Ann) and family reunion at Colorado Crossroads Bed and Breakfast.

Those in attendance were: Anna Lilac, family matriarch and Mother of lots of kids – those able to attend were: Cheryl (Bellevue, WA), Omar (Poncha Springs), Arthur (Canon City, CO), and DeAnna (Salida, CO); The rest of the attendees: Omar's wife Anne and their daughter Naomi and her husband Jeremy and their 2 children Silas and Abbey; Arthur's (Art) wife Honey and daughters Heather, Sierra, and Savannah; DeAnna's husband Bill and their daughter Katie; Cheryl's granddaughter Michaela (also from Washington); Anna's Brother-in-Law (Shelley's Uncle) Ray Merritt (Yukon, OK), his daughter DeAnn (not to be confused with DeAnna)(Oklahoma City, OK), and her 2 sons Merritt and Carpenter; Shelley (Anna's niece) and her husband Monte; Tom Carpenter (Broomfield, CO) (Anna's nephew and Shelley's brother) and Aunt Nadine (Canon City, CO). If I left anyone out – I apologize. And for those of you that are completely confused - too bad.

The B&B was packed to the rafters, Art and family camped out back in a tent, and some folks commuted back and forth from their homes.

Saturday morning everyone was on their own and some of us went golfing (see next blog), others went antique shopping, and still others just hung out and got caught up with what had happened since the last time they saw each other.

Saturday noon we all gathered back at the B&B and had a fantastic cookout, tons of food, birthday cake and ice cream. Omar did all of the grilling and Anne, Anna (no rest for the birthday girl), and Cheryl put together the side dishes. Then everyone pitched in on the eating.

Late Saturday afternoon several of us went to Mountain Spirit Winery, a local Salida winery, for their tour and tasting. The tour was pretty good and I guess the wine was okay. Not being a wine drinker much less connoisseur I cannot really comment on the quality of the fermented grapes. But, it was fun and informative.

Sunday morning we were all up very early and out the door to go ride ATV's. But that's another blog...

Sunday afternoon some of the ATVers went to the local hot springs to soak out the dirt and aches of the trail while others went fishing, some (who will remain nameless) went prairie dog hunting and still others (like Monte and I) just collapsed back at the B&B.

By Monday morning at 7 am almost everyone had departed. Cheryl and Michaela are still here, as are Monte and I. We will be leaving tomorrow morning (Tuesday, July 14) and will be headed for Denver.

The two weeks we have spent here in Poncha Springs has really been wonderful. A huge THANK YOU to our hosts Aunt Ann, Omar and Anne. We hope to see you all next year.
Choosing pictures for these blogs and keeping the number reasonable was difficult for me.
You can find lots and lots more pictures at:

I did not take many of these pictures. Thank you to contributing photographers, Uncle Ray, Heather, Honey, Carpenter, Omar, and Anne.

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