Saturday, July 19, 2008

Centennial, CO - A visit with good friends

And the good times just keep on rolling...

With much regret we left the B&B in Poncha Springs, CO on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 and headed north. A whole 150 miles north.

We are in Centennial, CO to visit a friend from Shelley's childhood, Barbie Hallstrom and her husband Chris. As an extra added bonus Barbie's Mom Jerry, who was Shelley's Mom's best buddy, came from Oklahoma City to visit at the same time. Normally, we see Jerry in Oklahoma City each year but since we were skipping OKC this year, Jerry came to us.
So, we had another almost family reunion.

We arrived at the Hallstrom's at lunch time and by 2 pm we were in the car and headed to Black Hawk, CO to hit the casinos. Jerry is a blackjack player and Barbie and Monte and Shelley pretty much limit themselves to the penny slot machines. (Chris was not able to go with us).

Barbie had been telling us about these new slots that are based on the Wizard of Oz and how great they are supposed to be. So, at the first casino we locate the machines which were all taken of course. Jerry goes to the blackjack table which is full and so sits down at 3 card poker and proceeds to lose, let's just say – some money. In the mean time, while playing slots, one of the Oz machines becomes available and Shelley yells at Barbie and holds the machine open for Barbie until she can get in the seat. About 10 minutes later, the good witch of OZ, what ever her name was, appears on the slot screen in a pink bubble, turns all the wheels and every square to 'wild' and pays Barbie $303.00. Yes - $303.00!! (I have a pic of this on my cell phone but cannot get it to trasfer to my computer). Thankfully, the machines don't dump pennies anymore, it is all in tickets that are printed. All in all Barbie made over $330.00 on that machine while the rest of us were losing our shorts. So time to change casinos.

Next casino – Shelley continues to lose, Monte is winning some, Barbie continues to win, and Jerry is making a comeback playing blackjack. We take a dinner break – which Barbie springs for since she is the big winner. After dinner we all lose some more and then we say okay – 30 minutes and we are out of here – time to go home. Shelley for one is thankful that they stay that last 30 minutes. She not only makes back her losses but comes out about $60 to the good. Monte is also about $60 up, Jerry took the casino for around $100 and Barbie – we quit counting. So we had fun, everyone won which is amazing, and by the time we got back, Chief and Casey were convinced that they were being starved to death.

The next day, as tempted as we were, we managed to stay home and not go back to Black Hawk.
It was just a hang out, spend time together kind of day and for dinner we were joined by Barbie's daughter Jenny which was a wonderful treat.
To Barbie and Chris – thanks for the hospitality not to mention the camping spot with hookups in your driveway. To Jerry – thanks for coming all the way from OKC to visit with us – you are a very very special person in our lives. (See you Friday!)

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