Saturday, July 19, 2008

Broomfield, CO - The Tom Carpenter Family Visit and a Tour of Coors

Thursday, we are off from the Hallstrom's and drive all the way across Denver to Shelley's brother Tom's house in Broomfield, CO. Tom's house is in a cul de sac and we were able to park the motorhome kind of in the upper middle of the road where we would be more or less out of the way.

The rest of Thursday was spent hanging out with Tom, his wife Marsha and their daughter (our niece) Kelly.

Friday, Monte, Shelley and Tom were up and out of the house early and en route to Golden, CO. Tom had set us up with a VIP tour of the Coors brewery, now known as Miller-Coors. We were joined on the tour by Barbie, Jerry, and Barbie's son Jeremy.

Tom had not seen Jerry in 12 years or so and had not seen Barbie since, well since they were children and obviously Tom had never met Jeremy before. Needless to say – it was a wonderful reunion. Just all being together was fun and the tour just added to the fun.
During the tour we learned bits of information like Coors brews 1.5 million gallons of beer per DAY and uses 14 million cans per day. They told us how many rail cars and semi tractor trailers leave full of Coors each week but I don't remember how many. What I do remember was that if you took one rail car full of beer, and drank one six pack per day out of that rail car, it would take you over 88 years to drink all of the beer. Personally, I think it would be skunky beer long before the end of the 88 years.

They did not give us a rail car of beer but we did get to do a tasting. They allow each person 3, 10 oz draft beers of their choice. I think most of us had Blue Moon, Honey Moon, and the new Coors Super Cold – which is just Coors Light served right at freezing temp. It was a tasty tasting.

(In all fairness, Jerry had one beer and Monte stuck with non-alcoholic beer)

After the tastings we found a nice little cafe in Golden and had lunch after which we parted ways with Monte and Shelley going back to Tom's and the rest of the gang going back to Centennial to Barbie's.

We collapsed back at Tom's and spent the evening with his family which is something that we just do not get to do very often – maybe twice a year if we are lucky. It looks like niece Kelly will be transferring to finish college in Tallahassee so that will be nice as we will get to see her more often assuming that she can fit us into her hectic social schedule.

Shelley does not know how she managed to do it but – she failed to take any pictures at Tom's house so there are no pix of Marsha and Kelly for the blog. My apologies to all.

This is our last night in Colorado. That fact just breaks my heart. We both love it here but it is time to move on up and out.

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