Monday, July 20, 2009

A Week In Oklahoma City - Post #1

This has been a busy week in Oklahoma City.

We first visited with family friend Jerry Williams. If you remember Barbie from one of the Colorado Blogs, then you need to know that Jerry is Barbie's Mom. Jerry has recently moved from her home of 43 years into a condo. And a great move it was. You can see from the picture of Chief in front of the fireplace just how comfortable the new digs are. While visiting I helped Jerry move about 10 years worth of Food and Wine and Gourmet magazines out of the old house and into a magazine recycling dumpster and Monte hooked up Jerry's DVD players to her TVs so now she is all settled in. We went out to dinner with Jerry at our favorite Mexican restaurant “Abuelos” and as always came away over-stuffed.

The next night cousin Deann and friend Becky took us for a tour of Oklahoma City's Bricktown.
Bricktown Entertainment District, is a unique entertainment destination and neighborhood. It is the home to many restaurants, nightclubs, sporting facilities, shops, attractions, condos, and a canal complete with tour boats. Located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, Bricktown, as it now stands, was once a warehouse neighborhood that has been restored and revitalized.

The first highlight of our Bricktown tour was dinner at Toby Keith's restaurant. Toby is known for his staunch support of our military and he carries that over into his restaurant as Monte and I were able to eat free as retired military members.

The next highlight was getting to do something that no other tourist gets to do. Right across the canal from Toby Keith's is the world headquarters of Sonic Drive-ins. Becky has been employed with Sonic for the past 15 years and among the many hats that she wears she one as the company historian. She gave us a great tour of the offices. No free samples but after just having dinner it was just as well.

Then we were off to the boat tour on the canal. This is Oklahoma City's take on the River Walk popularized in San Antonio. The tour was primo. OKC has done an excellent job and we thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Our last stop was for dessert at Nonna's. Decadent does not fully describe the double chocolate brownie a la mode that I devoured. Deann and Becky being of sounder mind split one of those. Monte had the house sundae that was totally scrumptious.

We then waddled back to the cars and called it a night.

If you get to Oklahoma City don't miss Bricktown.
More OKC to come...

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