Monday, July 20, 2009

Oklahoma City #2 - Lunch With The Cousins

Friday afternoon Deann and I went to lunch with “The Cousins.”

These cousins are the children of the brothers and sisters of Shelley and Deann's Grandmother. So they are our 2nd cousins or grand cousins or something like that.

Whatever they are – it was great fun. I had not met them before – at least not that I can remember. Deann sees them a few times each year as they have a luncheon each month that is one of their birthdays. Except for this lunch. This lunch was a get together because I was in town and we all wanted to meet each other. It just happened that the day of the lunch happened to fall on the birthday of Aunt Lilac (my great aunt and not to be confused with my Aunt Anna Lilac in Colorado) the mother of Norma (I think).

The cousins are Norma, Echo, Imogene, and Elnora.
I hope to get to do this again next year!

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~Cheryl said...

We need to get Mom there next year!