Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ghost Town Tours and Majestic Views

On Wednesday, July 8, Omar took some time off from work and played tour guide for Shelley, Monte, Uncle Ray, Deann, Cheryl, and Kiersten.

Our first stop was the Golden Wonder Mine. This was a working mine in the early 1900's and today is for sale. The mine is full of water but the buildings are still 'useable' and the cabin comes fully furnished. Interested in buying? Make sure you have a 4WD vehicle...and for the winter – snowshoes.

Next stop was Turret. What was once a mining town and then a ghost town, Turret has been reawakened by Omar who, through his skills as a Real Estate broker, has enticed people to build and live in this area that is totally off the grid. Living off the grid in Colorado is actually pretty common and if you went into any of these homes/cabins you would never know that there are no utilities to the houses. Solar power, propane and water wells provide all the modern comforts we have come to expect. For more information on Turret check this link:

After Turret we went to S Mountain. S Mountain overlooks the town of Salida and has a big white S on the side of it (hence S Mountain) and provides a great view point to see the layout of the town and the Arkansas River that runs through it.

Thanks for a great day Omar. You are one heck of a tour guide!! (and we did not even have to tip you)

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