Sunday, May 18, 2008

On The Road Again

On the road, for 50 minutes and 37 miles, before we had to stop at a repair shop. Okay, I have to admit it was a planned stop, planned at the 11th hour but planned none the less. Two days before leaving, Monte found out that the RV fridge was under a recall notice. The notice was written in terms of “do not operate your refrigerator under threat of death or at the very least serious injury.” Well, maybe it was not quite that extreme but pretty close. We got lucky and found a repair shop that would do the repair at 8 A.M. Friday on our way out of town. So we show up at 7:45, get out in the pouring rain (has not rained in a month, why now?), and unhook the car from the motor home. They open on time at 8 and “we'll get you in right away.” At 8:20 the service manager gives us some line about the mechanics' schedules were changed and they will not be in until 8:30. So we wait... About 8:45 they take our rig back to do the repair, only to say that it did not need the repair. To the contrary we say, we had checked the model/serial numbers and it was included in the recall. We showed them the recall order and the repair shop (major chain) had never even heard of this recall... So now we wait for them to call the manufacturer, who is not open yet. 9:30 manufacturer says the fridge is under recall and fix it. So they do. Quick fix (what happened to life threatening) and at 10:00 – on the road – for real – 3 hours and 37 miles after leaving home.

Thankfully (boringly for you dear readers) the rest of the day was totally uneventful. Just a day driving through rain. Next stop, first real stop, Laurel, MS to visit Shelley's Aunt and Cousins. Spent 2 nights in Laurel. Thanks Aunt Lou, Suzy, Marilyn and Ron for letting us hog your driveway - sure makes visiting convenient. While in Laurel, other than getting caught up with each other, we went into training for our next stop – New Orleans. By being in training I mean we ate, and ate some more. Great food and way too much of it. I thought I was good at grilling but, found out that I need to take lessons from Ron. Best chops ever... Thanks.

Monte's idea of "making oneself at home"

Chief - has the right idea.

Sunday morning – down the road.

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