Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Del Rio, TX to Ft. Davis, TX

We headed out of San Antonio on Tuesday with the intent of spending 2 nights at Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, TX. After arriving in Del Rio and doing a quick tour of the area we determined that 1 night was plenty. Nice campground on the base but we could not see that there was any 'tourist' stuff to do in Del Rio. So, Wednesday morning – Westward Ho.

About an hour west of Del Rio is Langtry, TX. Home of the Judge Roy Bean Museum. Monte was sure that this was going to be a 'Walnut Moment Stop' (if you don't know what that is, you don't watch enough TV commercials). However, it turned out to be a very well done museum and adjacent cactus garden. Please see following blog post for more on Judge Roy Bean.

After leaving Langtry we continued on through southwest Texas on US 90. The altitude went from 1,400' to almost 5,000' (Somehow it does not seem right that we are at the same altitude as Denver). A very gradual climb, as we traversed the Del Norte Mountains and then the Davis Mountains. It was nice to be off of and away from the hustle of the Interstate.

One of the more interesting sights along the road were the Border Patrol vehicles. We never saw any Border Patrolmen, except at a checkpoint, but they were obviously out doing their job as evidenced by the vehicles parked at the edge of the desert in several locations and the helicopters flying in the same general vicinity.

We have been amazed at the lack of RVs on the roads. Apparently the gas and diesel prices are taking their toll on early summer travel plans. Will just have to wait and see as our trip progresses and we get more into the summer travel season if we start seeing more RVs. Today we saw diesel for $5 per gallon.

As I write this, we are camped at the city of Ft. Davis, TX. After reading about this area, this is where we should have planned to spend a couple of days. Lots to do here and lots of history. However, you will not be subjected to reading about it since we are not doing it.

Nothing planned for the next couple of days. Just travel on to Tucson where we should arrive on Friday. But you never know – we might just have a Roy Bean Moment between now and then.

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