Friday, May 30, 2008

Ft. Davis to Tucson

En route to Tucson, we had an overnight stop in Las Cruces, NM. Not much to report from there. Walked through La Mesilla - the old town part of Las Cruces. It was a hangout for Billy the Kid and at one time in the La Mesilla courthouse he was sentenced to hang for killing the Sheriff. However, he escaped and lived to kill another day.

Casey is not too fond of riding in the motorhome. As much as she likes riding in a car, apparently the motorhome is too much noise or bouncing around for her. So, Monte fashioned a 'dog cave' out of one of the dinette bench storage compartments. Casey seems to really like it but, can only use it when Chief vacates...

We arrived in Tucson on Friday, May 30, 2008, 2 hours before we thought we got to Tucson. The confusion was caused by Shelley. Actually, Arizona caused the confusion. When we drove across the Texas state line into New Mexico on Thursday, Shelley announced that she was going to stay on Central Time rather than moving to Mountain time because the next day they would be in Arizona and Arizona does not observe daylight savings time so they would be back on Central time one day later (confused yet?).

HOWEVER, when we arrived in Tucson Shelley called Bill and Sandi Lake, who we would be visiting on Saturday, she found out that Arizona is on Pacific time during the summer. So much for not changing the clocks – now we had to jump 2 hours ahead. The 2 hour gain is nice, until bedtime. When our bodies said 9pm the clock now said 7pm. The dogs were not thrilled either as they wanted to be fed at 5 Central time, which is 3 Pacific. They had to wait until 5 Pacific and they thought that they were going to actually starve to death – happily, they did not.

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