Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Memorial Day weekend was spent in Hale, Missouri at the farm of our friends Sherman and Linda Harkins. Sherman and Monte were stationed together on the submarine USS Jallao back in the mid 1960's (OMG are they ever OLD)! Anyway – Monte and Sherman had lost track of each other and reconnected at a Jallao reunion several years ago and have stayed in touch since.
                                                                USS JALLAO

Sherman and Linda were kind enough to share their family with us and although I forgot to take pictures we had a great cookout where their son Shane did most of the cooking of the meats - after he caught the fish, cleaned the fish, shot the deer and cleaned the deer (actually the deer thing was done a few months ago) Linda, daughter Cindy and daughter-in-law Becky made the sides, and Monte andI did what we are best at – eating.

                                                           Linda, Monte, Sherman


I did manage to take pictures of Chief, Casey and Becky's puppy Sadie. 

Thanks to the Harkins' family for all the hospitality and we hope that someday you will come visit us and we can return the favor.