Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day, 2011

Cañon City, Colorado
We are “camped” in the driveway of Shelley's Aunt Ann. Aunt Ann is Shelley's Dad's older sister. We had a wonderful Independence Day cookout attended by: from Cañon City: Aunt Ann, her daughter Deanna, Deanna's partner Bill (the grill master) and their daughter Katie; Aunt Ann's daughter Candice and her daughter Darlene. Aunt Ann's son Art, his wife Honey and their daughters Ciara and Savanna. From Oklahoma City: Aunt Ann's niece DeAnn and her friend Becky. From Bellevue, WA: Aunt Ann's Daughter Cheryl and her granddaughter Michaela; From Crawfordville, FL: Shelley, Monte, Chief and Casey. And if I've left anyone out – my apologies.

We laughed, ate, laughed, drank, laughed some more and in general had a wonderful time.

Life is Very Good Indeed!


Buckaroo Becky said...

What a great family gathering. Wish I had been there.......oh wait!
Buckaroo Becky

~Cheryl said...

Nice photos - wonderful memories!

Patti Jo said...

Hi guys, Looks like you are having a good trip. Shelley- I see you learned how to put the thingy over the "n". Good Job :)