Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Abrupt Ending

Crawfordville, FL

Just want to do a quick wrap up on the trip. Yes, we are still supposed to be on the road but family matters intervened and we had to make a beeline for home.

On Tuesday, July 5, Shelley's Dad had a tumble at home and by Thursday July 7 he was in so much pain he could not get out of bed so he was off to the hospital. We were still in Colorado but luckily Shelley's brother Tom was in Florida so he immediately headed for Tallahassee to be with Dad.

We hit the road Thursday mid-morning and arrived home on Saturday. As it turned out Dad's pain was caused by gout that was totally out of control but the fall caused him to break his elbow. So – Dad was in the hospital until Monday, July 11 and is now spending a few days in a rehab hospital. His spirits are great and his pain is under control and we think he will get the splint off of his arm on Friday and start rehab on it then.

The very worse thing about coming home has been the humidity – unbearable. Actually the worst thing is the fact that all the flower beds are overflowing with waist high weeds (I cannot even see the azalea bushes) and I have to go out and work in the humidity. For example – as I write this – sitting INSIDE in the nice air conditioned house – it is 94 degrees outside but with the humidity the heat index is 111. Yesterday while pulling weeds I saw a snake – black snake I think – I hope... That was the end of weed pulling for a day or 2. Maybe with the dogs back (we have our 2 and Dad's 2) the snake will leave.

Until next time – Happy Trails


NANCY said...

Glad to hear everything is ok with your Dad.

Lois said...

Glad your Dad will be OK Shelley and yes the heat and humidity are unbearable!

~Cheryl said...

I hope Uncle Gene's rehab and your recovery (from the snake --Aaaaagh) are going well. I'm home now, too, and looking forward to next year!