Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Family Celebration

Monte's Mom, Sara, was born on June 15, 1915. To celebrate her 95th birthday we had a little family get together on Saturday, June 12.

Sara lives by herself in a 2 story house that she has lived in for the past 67 years. Her eyesight and hearing have failed some but other than that she is a totally amazing picture of good health.

Sara had stated emphatically that she did not want any party so we kept it very low key with just a surprise Saturday afternoon drop in with cake and ice cream. I lost count of how many people “dropped in” but many grand kids, a few of the great grands, nieces, nephews, and friends of many decades just kept rolling in. Her daughters, Kass from Florida and Nancy from South Carolina were both here. Her sons Jim and Gary with wife Linda both still live in the local area and of course attended. Gary and Linda were instrumental in purchasing everything for the party and bringing over tables/chairs/canopy etc etc. The party would not have happened without them.

The weather was perfect, the company was outstanding, and a good time was had by all but most importantly, Sara had a good time and said it was just right.


~Cheryl said...

Love it! How perfectly wonderful .... Happy Birthday, Sara!

Jamie said...

Good Times! Mom-mom Rocks! Glad everyone made it out. It was great seeing you guys this past week. Have fun the rest of your travels.

Oddly, that pic isn't close to the most embarrassing photo of me on the internet. These digital cameras really kick ya in the butt when people have them out at 3am!