Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Living Desert State Park, Carlsbad, NM

Started out the day hauling Casey to the dogtor.  She is okay.  Has some kind of girly infection so we won't go in to details.  She is on a course of antibiotics and lots of love.

After that I thought we would have an easy pleasant afternoon wandering through the Living Desert State Park in Carlsbad, NM. The state park exhibits more than 40 species of animals and hundreds of species of plants native to the Chihuahuan Desert. This is not your typical zoo. Most of the animals here are here because they cannot, for one reason or another, be released in to the wild and a few, like the Bolson Tortoise are part of a breeding program to keep them from becoming extinct. The animals have very large enclosures – which I'm sure makes for happy animals but also makes it easy for them to hide from prying eyes.

Notice what a nice sunny day it is!
Monte is getting a little batty.

Roadrunner.  We have seen several of
these in the wild but no Wile E Coyote

Bolson Tortoise

We were having a nice time until – it decided to storm. This is the DESERT. It has not rained since – well, for a long darn time. With all the lightning our main concern was getting out from being in the open and we were able to go pretty much from one covered viewing area to the next – our wandering had turned in to a trot and then a dash and Shelley is not good at dashing much less trotting. As the rain intensified we got in to a building where we waited out the worst of it before bolting for the visitor's center and then our car.

Difficult to tell but the rain was pelting down.

Our concern was all the windows we had left open at the RV. As it turned out the storm tracked just south of the Brantley Lake State Park where we are camped but the wind was wicked and turned over chairs and the satellite antenna and blew the cover off of the grill. Nothing was lost and all is well.

One good thing about getting caught in a rain storm here – even if you are soaked – you will dry out in about 5 minutes. So we are no worse for the wear and the 'ol hearts got good exercise.

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