Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pigging Out in Des Moines, Iowa

During our tenure in Des Moines, Iowa we are camped at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. 
Our purpose in being here is to attend the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. But, wherever we are we like to do whatever the locals are doing and far be it from us to turn down a chance to pig out - literally.

The fairgrounds is a busy place this week. There is a quarter horse show going on all week which we attended one day. However, the big draw is the WORLD PORK EXPO. Who ever knew that there was such a thing? A trade show for the purveyors of swine. Since it is here and we are here and we had some time to kill - we figured this is our one and only chance to attend this event.

This thing is huge - hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of gawkers. It truly is an international affair - we heard several languages being spoken and saw a great many people who did not appear to be stereotypical Iowa pig farmers. We saw displays for everything from pig genetics displays to pig confinement facilities to robotic pig tenders to pig cremation vaults (the ultimate pig roast).

As we made our way through the exhibits we dined on fine swine. We ate pulled pork, pork burgers, ribs, and brats. Feeling like porkers ourselves we passed up tent after tent of free pork comestibles.

After eating we moved on to pig on the hoof. Hundreds of pigs in pens waiting for their chance to strut their bacon. These swine are very pampered on their way to being baby back ribs. They are brushed and shampooed and get to eat like pigs. Then they get to run around a show ring and be judged. A much better life than that of the average pig I assume.

So although this event was not on our bucket list - we are glad we had the opportunity to attend. Once and done.

And by the way - there's an App for that! On both iPhone and Adroid so run right to your app store to download it for free.

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~Cheryl said...

Ya all have the nose for oinking out good stuff!