Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival

Gettysburg, PA

It seemed like a good idea at the time. We enjoy going to Bluegrass festivals and this is one of the premier festivals in the country – so I ordered the tickets, made the camping reservations and here we are – trying to stay dry and warm. Granite Hill Campground has been hosting festivals twice a year since 1979 – this is the 62 festival. The lineup of bands is fantastic. The weather – not so much. The first day of the festival – Thursday was perfect – sunny and about 75 degrees. Yesterday it never got above 60 and there was a heavy mist all day that just chilled us to the bone. We had moved our chairs from the grassy hill close to the stage to under the big tent so we were relatively dry but still cold.

 I think we made it through 3 bands before we called it quits and headed back to the motorhome to drink hot chocolate and listen to the bands on the radio - the music is broadcast on FM inside the campground. It rained all night and today, Saturday, it is still 60 degrees, cloudy, wet, icky. The weather does not seem to bother many other people – but I guess that maybe those folks that live around here expect this weather this time of year. It remains to be seen how long we will make it sitting in our chairs before the RV calls us back today. At home we had spring weeks ago and summer is in full swing now so we expected for it to be at least semi-warm here. No such luck.

We are making major changes to our travel plans as we were going on north and looking at the forecast it is calling for temps in the low 50s and rain and more rain all week – with flash flood warnings up - not good tourist weather. So tomorrow instead of going to Johnstown, PA (to see the site of the great flood of 1889) and then on up to Erie, PA - our next campground will be Monte's Mom's driveway in Coatesville, PA and we will be there for the next 3.5 weeks – so lucky you – blogs will probably be very sparse. On the bright side - I am thankful that we had not planned to be camping along the Mississippi River right now.

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~Cheryl said...

How can you pass up seeing the flood of 1889? It sounds like you have the perfect weather for it .... also sounds like you are up here in the PNW. :p I hasn't made it to 70 degrees for 190+ days. :p and :p and :p