Saturday, June 6, 2009

WOOHOO - The Summer '09 Road Trip is Underway

Finally - The event everyone has been waiting for.


This year will not be the grand tour that last year was but we still hope to see many friends, visit lots of interesting places, and in general spend lots of time doing what we do best - eating our way around the country.

Our first night on the road is being spent in Montgomery, Alabama. And to celebrate our first night on the road we will be dining on one of the specialties of the deep south - fried frogs' legs. Nah, not really - but we will be eating something that tastes like fried frog's legs - fried chicken. (people say that frogs' legs taste like chicken so the reverse should be true also I think).

The only reason we are in Montgomery, one of the true arm pits of the earth, is that it was a convenient stopping place on our way to our first real stop. (Sure hope that no readers are from Montgomery).

This should be the first of many, several, a few, a couple, anyway - some blog entries.
As always, I'll send out an email each time I blog so you don't have to constantly check for non-existent new entries.

See you down (actually up) the road and as always, thanks for traveling with us.

Shelley, Monte, Chief and Casey


~Cheryl said...

How 'bout setting this up so I can just follow your blog?

Shelley and Monte said...

How do I do that?